How to draw a Daisy ✍

We welcome you to this new lesson with great desire to bring a new kind of flower to your drawing garden 💐🤗. And today we bring you the favorite of many: the daisy! 🌼 that we will learn to draw in 4 very simple steps .

🤓 Interesting information about daisies

It is not strange for anyone to think that daisies are descendants or relatives of sunflowers because of their great resemblance 🌻🌼. In fact, it has been proven that they belong to the same botanical family, requiring a lot of light to grow 🌞. Did you know that 10% of all flowering plants in the world are daisies? 😯. Well yes, they are one of the most abundant flowers on the planet 🌍🌼.

We now tell you the most important considerations to take into account when drawing a daisy spectacular:

      • We’ll start with a circumference for the


      • .
      • We will include the petals in the form of symmetrical ellipses.

We will culminate with the leaf and the stem to finally coloring.

Ready to make your own daisy design? You can dedicate it to someone if you want, drawing a flower is always a fascinating gift 😍. Have your drawing book handy to practice first 📖, remember that making mistakes is the most effective way to learn 😉.

Draw a Daisy easy step by step

We will share with you our step methodology as the most practical way to start your drawing without many complications. You’ll see how easy it is if you stay focused, however, don’t stop repeating the parts that cost you the most 🤓.


    • The first thing will be to draw a small circumference for the

center of our daisy, you can help yourself with a compass to make it more precise 🧐.

    • We go to the


    • , for which we must draw several thin ellipses, as similar as possible. To make them symmetrical, you can draw an

asterisk of four lines ✳️ from the center of the circumference, which will be the axes of your ellipses.

  • We are finishing up! 😮. We still have to draw the stem which consists of a thin toothpick with a certain downward curvature.
  • magarita-dibujo-paso-a-paso
      • Finally, we will make the

    leafsmooth, very thin and pointed

      • 🌱. You can make more than one if you want or give it your own touch with a particular shape.


      • That’s how simple we managed to draw our daisy! 🌼🎉. Despite the fact that these flowers exist in a wide variety of colors, we opted for the classic white

    color which is the best known. You can play with this and get much more creative 😜. For the yellow center 🟡 we wanted to add some dots of a darker tone to give it a more realistic touch. The stem and leaves are painted green.


Congratulations cartoonist! 🥳🎊. Now you can run and sign up for our drawing club because you will surely love all the options we have to offer you 😎.

If you need ideas to keep practicing, we recommend any of the suggestions that you can see below this panel 👇. If you have any questions, you can also ask us below in the comments😉.

Thank you for prefer to learn with us and we hope to continue meeting here many times! 🥰

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