How to draw a Kawaii Bull ✍

Hey! Welcome to a show as exciting as a bullfight 😱🐂. On this occasion, you will be the protagonist of the event as you will be the drawing rider of this adorable kawaii bull that we will be learning to draw in 5 very easy steps. sencillos.

🤓 Information about the bulls

We could tell you many interesting things about bulls, but the first thing we must clarify is that they do not distinguish colors, they see everything in black and white 😵. They have a very wide and panoramic visual field and their sense of smell is highly developed. It turns out that bulls are so sensitive to wavy movement that it is for this reason that they attack when they come across the red cape of their bullfighters 😤.

Let’s see below the parts that will make up our drawing:

    • The dominant face of this bull will be made up of a large circle, two spherical eyes and piercing, and a robust muzzle accompanied by an earring.
    • You cannot miss its

sharp horns and two appreciable little ears .

      • Your

    voluptuous back

      • will be defined by curvilinear lines together with the

    four legs

      • and one

    abbreviated tail

      • .

    ! Let’s put on our bullfighter costume now to start with this function! 😍. It is important to have all of our drawing tools ✍ at hand, a blank sheet to start with and a lot of concentration 🙇.

    Draw a Kawaii Bull easy step by step

    In this process you will never be alone, we will accompany you step by step in the course of all the strokes that together will integrate this magnificent drawing 🙌. Pay close attention to details 🧐 and don’t give up if things don’t work out on the first try, the most important thing is that you manage to master the techniques no matter how long it takes you take for it 💪.

        • We start by drawing a large circle slightly flattened towards the sides and with a crest at the top to represent the

    bangs and the silhouette of the face of our kawaii bull 🙂.


        • We will give her a striking chibi expression by

    two glittering eyes

        • with black spheres and a

    wide snout

        • on which we will draw an


        • coming out of its nostrils 👃, a technique used to make them more docile when having to interact with them.
      • dibujar-toro-kawaii-facil
          • Now we will include some vital characteristic details to differentiate our bull from any other mammal 🐂. The first thing will be the


          • , which we can draw in the shape of a crescent 🌙 making sure to make them


          • . Lastly, the

        smallest ears

          • in size and as if we were drawing two simple leaves 🍃.
        • toro-kawaii-chibi
            • Come on, we’re already going through the


            • , we have very little left to finish! 👍. We will have to outline a long line from one of the horns to the bottom, making a small slit where one of the

          front legs

            • will begin. Through curves we complete the back and shape the other leg. Finally, we draw the


            • with horizontal lines.


                • Now we are ready for the final touches that will correspond to the

          two legs on the opposite side

                • that we will also draw with parabolas including their respective hooves. The


                • of our bull is quite simple, similar to the shape of a brush 🖌️ but with a looser and not so straight line.


        • We have reached the end of this journey and it is time to color! 🎨🤩. Bulls are usually shown in shades of light to dark brown, while their horns are white.
        • toro-kawaii-colorear-imprimir-dibujo

          You have shown great skill in successfully completing your design! 👏🥳️. You can ask us any questions you have in the comments ⏬ and we invite you to learn more about the different drawing techniques in our special section of courses .

          We also leave you some others suggestions of kawaii drawings for you to look at and review calmly, you never know where a source of inspiration may come from to start a new design 😊.

          Keep practicing hard and for now we’ll see you soon in another lesson! 🤗❤️

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