How to draw a Kawaii Butterfly ✍

Did you know that the development of a butterfly is very similar to the evolution process of a cartoonist? 😯. We start out as little cocoons a little shy when trying our skills, and with practice we gradually transform until that beautiful butterfly of multiple colors comes out 🦋 when we have already mastered certain techniques.

Today we will undertake together this process of metamorphosis in 5 wonderful steps

that will lead you to transform your strokes into a authentic kawaii butterfly


🤓 Information about butterflies

Admirable for their great variety of colors, sizes and diversity, butterflies are invertebrate insects that can be found in all parts of the world except from in Antarctica 🥶. They exist in more than 165,000 species 😱 and their wings of different shades of color make them camouflage experts to hide from their predators.

Let’s summarize the most important steps to take into account to create our butterfly:

        • His

little head

will be very round

and will contain two adorable little antennae

curled up like a snail.

    • His features will be made up of

two small eyes

and a nice smile

of astonishment.

  • We will conclude with the most important: the abdomen
    and the immense wings

    with an attractive pattern


    We are ready to start and create the most fantastic and original butterfly on this planet! 😍. As you already know, the only thing you will need is a lot of concentration 🧐, paper

    , eraser

    and pencil


    Draw a Kawaii Butterfly easy step by step

    Before starting with our step-by-step methodology

    ideal for children and adult beginners, we want to remind you that you can always be as creative as you want 🤩. Therefore, if you get stuck in any step, let your imagination flow and you will see that it will be much easier for you when you try again 💪.

      • First of all, we will draw a small circle that you can make with the help of a compass to make sure that the

    little head

      • of your butterfly is

    well rounded

    👌. In the upper part we will draw the antennae with spiral tips


          • In the lower part of the circle we will represent the

    curious eye

    s of our kawaii butterfly through two small black spheres with white flashes ✨. In the middle we will draw a large letter “D” lying down for your big gaping smile

    😀 whose effect we will achieve with a white reflection inside.

      1. The next step is very simple, since we will only incorporate her thin abdomen
        to the face through the figure of a vertical ellipse.

        • We come to the most creative step of all: the wings! 🦋. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but as a trick we will advise you to pay attention to the shape of your ears 👂 to represent the outer silhouette of these amazing upper wings
          . The internal pattern will depend a lot on your imagination, however, we base ourselves on a model of polka dots


          • Let’s go now with the

        lower wings

        of our cute kawaii butterfly. This time we will give them the shape of elongated petals

        🌼 and we will integrate an internal pattern that matches the one we drew in the previous step.

      2. We already have our butterfly design ready and now comes the most fun thing that is color
        r! 🎨. As we have already told you, there are so many species of these insects and in huge amounts of patterns and shades, that we invite you to surprise us with your own color combination 😉.

        Congratulations cartoonist, we know that you have put a lot of effort and dedication into this draw! 🤗. We would like you to tell us below in the comments

        👇 how your experience has been and what pattern you have decided to use for the design of the wings 👀.

        Do not hesitate to also ask us all your questions, because we are here to help you and see you evolve in your learning phase 🤓. Remember that you have the option to print and download

        this design to continue practicing and creating other versions of this colorful butterfly.

        We hope to hear from you very soon in another of our drawing lessons! ❤️

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