How to draw a Kawaii Camel ✍

We are ready to venture into a new lesson of kawaii drawings! 😆. And if the camel’s hump has ever aroused your curiosity 🐪, well today you will find out what it is made of and also together we will illustrate in 4 simple steps a classic camel arabic very chibi 🤗.

🤓 Information about camels

Camels usually live in desert areas of Asia and Africa 🏜️, being able to survive without drinking water for more than 10 days 😵. Thanks to the fact that they store fat in their humps, they have become animals with heavy loads, also allowing people to be transported 🏇. So if you’ve ever wondered if camels’ humps hurt, it’s the opposite 🤔, since they act as fluffy pads that provide protection.

Now let’s talk about the sections that will make up our kawaii camel design:

      • The

contour of the face

      • of this camel It will be similar to that of a peanut, but we will also include some


      • and

two oval ears

      • .

        • As part of his appearance we will draw

two bulging eyes

        • and a


        • made up of two holes and an

adorable smile

        • .

          • We will end with the shape of the

hunchbacked back

          • ,

four long thin legs

          • and one

long tail .Let’s start this beautiful camel ride, raising t us best drawing skills! 😎✍. Organize your drawing space with all the materials you need and don’t forget the most important element: your imagination 🙇‍♀‍.

Draw a Kawaii Camel easy step by step

We will share with you our step-by-step methodology so that you can achieve the drawing techniques at your own rhythm 👍. We will always start from a known line with which you can feel familiar and you will see how little by little you will give meaning to your design in a very simple way 😉.

      • We will begin by tracing the

silhouette of the head

      • of our camel that will have the singular shape of a


      • 🥜. In the upper part we will make a small

forelock or tuft

      • and on the sides

two upright ears

      • and


      • .
        • We will continue with the expressive features that will give our drawing a picturesque and tender touch 😊. This friendly mammal will have

      two prominent spherical eyes

        • with white reflections, a

      little nose

        • made up of two holes elliptical and a

      smiling mouth

        • in the shape of an inverted letter “m” 😋.
        • We arrived at the The most important little step of all in which we will represent the


        • of this camel through several arches. Did you know that camels of Asian origin have two humps? 🐫. You can draw one or two, as you prefer, but we will also outline with straight lines

      two of its long legs and its large elongated neck .


          • In the same way that we did in the previous step, we now draw the

      paws on the opposite side

          • equally straight and additionally we incorporated a

      very thin tail

          • in the shape of a brush 🖌️.


    • You have reached the final stretch! 🎊 💯. We only have to color this magnificent camel that is usually the color of the sand 🐪, although you could try different shades of mustard or toasted yellow.
    • We are very happy with your work! 😍. If you feel satisfied with this drawing and want to continue learning many more techniques and tricks 🤓, we invite you to join our drawing club subscribing with your email at the bottom of this page ⏬.

      Don’t forget that the downloadable version of this design is already available so you can continue practicing and trying different color styles 🎨. We can’t wait to hear from you again very soon, so always stay tuned to our social media 🥰.

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