How to draw a Kawaii Chick ✍

We are ready to welcome another new member of our kawaii farm 🐣. Today we will learn to draw a very chibi chick 🐥 in 4 very simple steps, so cute that the only thing it will cause you to do is hug it 🤗.

🤓 Information about chicks

Did you know that chicks Are they characterized by having a long life? 👀. Depending on the breed, they can live between five and ten years, becoming the most abundant bird species in the world 🐤.

What you will need to know to draw this kawaii chick we will list below:

      • We will start with an oval shape for the


      • .
          • We will incorporate the

eyes and the pico with spheres and ellipses.

      • We will finish with the


      • and the


      • using curves and strokes.

    Have all your drawing supplies by hand because we are very close to starting! 🙌.

    Drawing a Kawaii Chick easy step by step

    We present our methodology of drawing step by step with which you can guide yourself to obtain your kawaii chick design in a very simple way 😉. You will see that with a little concentration and a lot of desire, the whole process will be very fast and the result will be of very high quality 💯.


  • First, you will need to draw a large circle for the top of the head with two Leaf-shaped strokes for the hairs. The lower part will be more oval, since we want to try to simulate the cheeks of our adorable chick 🐣.
      • Next we move on to the facial expressions to give it that characteristic kawaii touch. We will draw two large black spheres for the


      • , including some white ellipses that will be the


      • ✨ . With a vertical ellipse in the center we will represent the

    beak and we will draw a curve inside for the mouth opening 🐤.

    Our cute chick is already taking shape! 😻. Now we will continue with the wings, for which we will make two figures in the shape of tangerine segments on each side and we will draw a line inside .


    Finally, we will draw the final details which will include the tail with a small triangle, the tummy like a curve that will unite both wings, and the legs that We will represent by three continuous curves.


                    • We have finished the design, now we are going to bring it to life and


                    • ! 🎨. Here you can be as creative as you want 🤩. We chose the classic chick yellow and orange for the details such as the beak and the legs 🐥.


  • You did an excellent job drawing! 👏🎊. And like this you can create many more kawaii chicks in your own style 😎. We invite you to experiment with different colors and even different drawing techniques 😉.

    You can tell us and ask whatever you want below in the comments and you can also look at our suggestions to continue learning many tricks more ⏬.

    Keep cultivating your imagination and inspiration in each of our designs! See you very soon 🥰️

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