How to draw a Kawaii Chicken ✍

Happy drawing day and welcome to a new kawaii drawing tutorial in which you will not only achieve a fantastic design in just 5 very easy steps 😊, but you will also learn very interesting things about chickens 🐔.

🤓 Information about chickens

Did you know that there are more chickens than human beings? 😲. Well yes, each hen is capable of laying around 300 eggs per year, making them the most abundant birds on the planet, and also one of the oldest. Today there are even certain breeds of chickens that lay blue, green and chocolate eggs 🥚.

Now we will show you a small list with the most important steps to draw this lovely kawaii chicken:

      • The


      • of our chicken itself will have a

oval shape

      • similar to an egg.
          • As for its expressive features, we will draw

two big eyes , a small beak and its characteristic chin.

      • The final details of this drawing will contemplate the


      • s,


      • and its

unique crest

      • .

Come soon for our sketchbook 📖, pencils ✏️, colors 🖍️ and eraser, having everything at hand makes it easier for us to opower to concentrate and thus obtain great results 🙇‍♀‍.

Draw a Kawaii Chicken easy step by step

Let’s start this adventure together farm accompanied by the following steps that we will list below 😉. In each of them we will provide you with illustrated and explained strokes in a very didactic way. We want you to feel comfortable and don’t get frustrated if one doesn’t come out right away. Practice several times and you will see that with each attempt it will become much easier for you! 🙂👍

      • We start with the silhouette that will compose the

plump figure

      • of our hen, for which it will suffice to draw the shape of a stuffed egg 🥚.
    • The kawaii expressions that will give life to this drawing will be made up of

two big eyes on top through black spheres and white reflections 👀. In the center we will draw the frontal beak with a small circle and below we will make a curvilinear line that represents the chin.


      • We now continue with a very easy little step, in which we will draw its

peculiar crest with just three consecutive curves, the middle one being the longest.

      • Among the most important parts we will have the


      • and the


      • 🐓, which we can draw very easily with smooth curves, since our chicken is in

    front view

      • . Remember that the tail of the hens is usually shorter than that of the roosters, so we will not require very long strokes 🤔.


      • Finally, we are left with a single simple but crucial detail: the


      • that we will represent with continuous curves symbolizing its only three front fingers.
    • gallina-kawaii-chibi
    • How good our adorable chicken has been! 😍. As always, in the last step we bring out our artistic facet at the time of coloring 🎨. Chickens with white feathers are almost the only ones that lay white eggs 🥚, so we decided to go for this option.gallina-kawaii-chibi

      Great job cartoonist! 🥳. We want to know how the plumage of your kawaii hen turned out 🤩 and what do you think of this step methodology . We appreciate all your comments, so you can also ask us any questions you have 😉.

      Like this you can draw many other farm animals if you want to continue with this wonderful collection 🙌. In the same way, we leave you here below ⬇ some other suggestions so that you can choose different and creative options.

      We hope you enjoyed this new learning and hope to hear from you very soon! 😘

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