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How to draw a Kawaii Frog ✍

From the amphibians with the high jump world record we bring you today an adorable design of kawaii frog that you will complete in just 4 very simple didactic steps 🙌.

Don’t be confused with the toads! Frogs share a relationship but they are not the same species 🐸, the difference is that they have drier skin, they are smoother and their limbs are much longer than those of toads 🤔.

🤓 Information about frogs

With a vision that allows them to look in several directions at once 👀, frogs are amazing beings that feed mainly on insects and can jump more than 30 times their size 😲😱. Did you know that the difference between males and females is that the males are the only ones that emit the particular croaking sound? 😮

How about we take a look at the essential parts that will make up this drawing:

      • Our frog will have a

wide head

      • with

two bulging eyes

      • and a

very tender smile

      • .

        • The front of your

abdomen will contain the two upper legs shorter.

      • The

hind legs will be by nature much longer and folded.

Now yes that we are prepared to jump as high as this frog! 🤯. And where we will have to get to the desk first, since we have to leave all the drawing materials ready before starting 📖🖍📏.

Draw a Kawaii Frog easy step by step

Next, we will introduce all the instructions you will need to build your drawing step by step 💪. You will notice that all the strokes are very easy to achieve as long as you stay focused 🙇.

  1. Our first little step will consist of tracing the silhouette of the head of this charming little frog 😊. We can start from a large elongated oval, at the top of which we will draw two arcs on each side representing the curvatures of its large eyes.
      • Now let’s go with his expressive features to give him that kawaii style touch 👌. We will draw his

    great bulging eyes

      • using two black spheres with white reflections ✨. In the center we incorporate a

    little nose

      • with two tiny arches, and below a

    big smile in the shape of a ” OR”.

      • We begin to give shape and volume to the

    abdomen of our kawaii little frog by tracing a semi- oval and inside its short front legs with lines and fingers in the shape of diving fins 🤿 .


        • In the last step we still have to draw its

    unique hind legs

        • by means of two curves and stripes in the center to make them folded. Our jumping frog 🐸 will have

    two elongated plants

        • with the same shape as its front plants.


      • We have successfully reached the end of this drawing! 👏 🥳️ . We have to be very creative when we


      • and create a truly amazing frog, because in addition to the classic

    green ones

      • , there are phosphorescent, shiny and even transparent frogs 😵.


    We are very happy with your work and performance! 🤩 But we want you to continue learning many other drawing skills and experimenting with different models, that’s why we always leave you here below 🔽 some suggestions of drawings that we have prepared with love for you 🤗.

    Do not forget to comment us about all your doubts and concerns and even any recommendations that you want to make to us. For the moment we leave you here a link where you can find the option to download and print this design for you to keep practicing 😉.

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