How to draw a Kawaii Goat ✍

Have you ever tried fresh goat’s milk? 👀. It has been scientifically proven that it is much more organic than cow milk 🐄, but don’t worry, today we are not here to taste milk but to draw an adorable goat in the kawaii style 🐐 in just 5 very simple steps.

🤓 Information about goats

Goats are one of the oldest domestic animals in the world and with great intelligence for a mammal 💡. They have a total of four stomachs, so it is often said that it is much cheaper to dress them than to feed them 😆. All the pups have their own particular call and aroma, making it possible for the mothers to recognize them without having to see them 😯.

How about we summarize some interesting aspects to achieve a great goat design 👌:

  • We’ll start with an oval shape to represent its narrow head.
    • Among some of the most representative facial features we will include together two large eyes , nose, mouth, horns and ears.
        • We will end with the

      curvilinear trunk

        • of our goat, its

      four legs , hooves and tail.

      1. Let’s prepare our desk with all the drawing supplies! 📖✍️. We are about to embark on a new wild adventure 🌾 to which we will have to put a lot of energy and enthusiasm 💪😁.

        Draw a Kawaii Goat easy step by step

        We have organized a series of didactic steps and understandable for all ages and learning levels 🤓. With them we will guide you from beginning to end to draw the most tender and cozy version of kawaii goat that you have ever seen 😊.

            • In this first step we will draw the shape of an inverted egg 🥚⬇, including in the section above a rowdy stroke for the

        disheveled bangs

            • on the


            • of our little goat 😋.
      2. We continue to incorporate his two bright eyes ✨ with black spheres and an “X” shaped line ” with curved tips symbolizing the nose together with its pleasant smile.
      3. The following details that we will draw will correspond to the thick little horns at the top 🐐 and two little ears pointy below. Did you know that both males and females can have horns? 🤔cabra-kawaii-chibi
            • The

        little body of our goat will be seen in profile , which we will delineate by means of curves inserting two of its legs on the visible side with straight and horizontal lines for the hooves. cabra-kawaii-chibi

          • We will finish the design with the

        most hidden legs

          • using the same strokes as before. We will take the opportunity to include a

        unruly tail

          • and

        tiny to give it that rustic touch 🤠.


          • We have reached the end of this journey! 🎊 🙌 . Didn’t you think it all happened very quickly? 😱. Well, it’s that simple to draw when you set your mind to it

        step by step

          • , so all we need is


          • to fill this little goat with joy 😍. The


          • of the goats are usually

        very pale with shades between gray and brown.


        Congratulations on one more animal in your collection of kawaii drawings! 🤩. To continue practicing, we recommend that you not only review the book options that we leave you below 👇, but remember that you can print and download this design whenever you want 👍.

        Find out about the latest news by signing up for our drawing club ✏️ 🎨, a space in which we will share with you many concerns and new teachings 😘.

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