How to draw a Kawaii Gorilla ✍

Have you ever wondered what relationship we share with gorillas? 🧍🐒. We will tell you this and much more today in this new lesson of kawaii drawing in which we will represent a super cute gorilla in 4 such simple steps that you will be delighted 😲.

🤓 Information about the gorillas

It is true that human beings share 98% of our DNA with gorillas, only that missing 2% is what makes us thinking beings with judgment and intellect 💡. However, these primates are still brilliant among other mammals and can even communicate through sign language 🤯. They are categorized as herbivores par excellence, ingesting between 18 and 30 kilos of vegetation per day 🌿🌳☘️.

We will begin by summarizing the essential parts that will make up the design of this adorable kawaii gorilla:

    • We will outline your

round head with a large circle composed of several curves on the inside, being accompanied in addition to two circular ears .

The facial features of our gorilla will be composed of two large bright eyes, one squashed nose and a tender smile .

    • Finally, we will draw her arms and curvy legs and a big tummy showing the navel.
      1. The time has come to live this jungle adventure through drawing! 😁. Prepare all your design materials 📖📐✎ and find a place where you can focus and get all the inspiration that you need to give your best 🙌 💯.

        Drawing a Kawaii Gorilla easy step by step

        We arrived at the section most special of all in which we will put you in touch with the tricks and techniques that will lead you to create a charming gorilla design step by step 😊. Our explanations are designed so that both children and adult beginners 👪 can feel empowered to achieve the drawing, also guided by the illustrations that we leave here 👀.

            • In this first little step we are going to take a


            • to draw a

        great circle

            • that we will later make more oval from the middle down. Inside we delineate what will be the


            • between part of the fur and the facial features of our gorilla 🐵, for this we will draw two united semicircles of a large semi-oval. Finally, we add some details like his

        two rounded ears and a quiff or forelock on top.

          • We continue with the expressions that will bring emotion to this drawing 😋. We draw

        two big shiny eyes

          • with black spheres and white ellipses inside. Below we make a small arc with

        two dots for the nose and then a stroke in the shape of an inverted letter “m” that will be its nice and adorable smile 🥰.


            • Did you know that the


            • of gorillas are longer than their legs? 😯. So we are going to draw

        two large arcs

            • that we will join by means of three consecutive curves, then we will draw some


        at the bottom in the shape of boxing mitts 🥊.


            • We’re almost done! 🎉. We still have to draw the

        two much shorter legs

            • and with the same technique that we used previously for the consecutive curves. The


            • will have an elliptical shape and will be accompanied by two lines to represent the


            • 🦶. Next we draw a circle in the center that will be the


            • of this naughty gorilla who will have his

        belly button in the air

            • 🐒.


                • Congratulations on this amazing drawing job! 🤩. In this final phase, what we have left is


                • to the taste of our imagination😎. We use

        dark shades of gray

                • for the interior and

        black for the exterior.



        Now you can consider yourself as the king of the jungle 👑🌲 with this cute version of a gorilla in the kawaii style! 🤗. We really believe in your potential, so keep practicing diligently and you will see how your skills will improve 💪. For the moment we remain at your disposal for any questions you want to ask us below in the comments 🔽.

        Remember that you have the option to subscribe to our drawing club in which you can also choose the new designs that we will be publishing 😮. Keep enjoying other tutorials or just check out all the coloring options we have here 😉 .

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