How to draw a Kawaii Hamster ✍

Hamsters are one of the most desired pets by children in the world, but did you know that they can only live for an average of two years? 😱. In 4 very easy steps, we will teach you today how to draw a hamster that you can have with you for as long as you want 🤗.

🤓 Information about hamsters

These very particular little animals usually eat all kinds of organic substances, both vegetable and animal foods, which is why they are called omnivores 🐹.

For give our little hamster a kawaii style, let’s see the basic techniques that we will require during the step by step :

      • We will start with a

chubby face through an oval shape .

      • We will add two spheres for the


      • , one

elliptical nose

      • and one

mouth .

    • We will draw the


      • by joining two curves.
      • We will culminate with the

upper legs lower and lower

      • .

Time to start this new kawaii drawing lesson! 🙌. Focus and you will see that in a few steps you will be able to have this cute pet by your side 🥰.

Draw a Kawaii Hamster easy step by step

We will teach you now all the tricks to achieve the final design of this kawaii hamster 🐹. Our methodology step by step is designed to facilitate the drawing process for both children and adult beginners 👪. All the explanations will be exemplified by images with which you can guide yourself when making the strokes 👍.

  1. We will start with a large oval to represent the face 🐹. We have to ensure that the lower region of this oval is more widened, since hamsters are characterized by having big cheeks. We also draw some elliptical figures for the ears and the hair.

In this step we will give our hamster its kawaii expressions 😊. We draw two black spheres with white reflections for the eyes and a small horizontal ellipse for the nose. We will draw the mouth using an inverted “m” shaped line.


    • We continue with the

little body

    • of this chubby hamster 😋. To do this, we make two curves on each side of the cheeks and join them in the center.
  • dibujar-hamster-kawaii-paso-a-paso
      • Finally, we draw the

    lower legs

      • with two elliptical strokes and the

    upper ones

      • with two curves and we include some lines for the


      • .


          • We have reached the last step! 🎊. It’s time to give


          • and life to this cute pet 🎨. We use a combination of ocher and white to highlight our hamster’s tummy and snout 🐹. We painted the nose pink to highlight its great sense of smell.
          • hamster-kawaii-chibi

    Congratulations for your new kawaii design! 🥳. We are glad to have accompanied you during the process and we hope you get the best out of this learning 💯. You can review other drawing tricks and skills with the options that we show you below 👇.

    Don’t forget to sign up to our drawing club in the lower section of this page and remember that you have the option to download and print all our designs in the coloring pages tab 😉. We are waiting for you very soon in a new tutorial! ❤️

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