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How to draw a Kawaii Lobster ✍

We hope you are having a happy drawing day and if you think that the truth has been a bit boring, we bring you here an interesting design to entertain you 😉👍. From the bottom of the oceans we introduce you to one of the most popular crustaceans of all time 🦞, which we will learn to draw in just 5 very simple steps .

🤓 Lobster Information

Lobsters are marine invertebrates that are covered by a hard shell called an exoskeleton and can live for more than 100 years 😲. Unlike their relatives, the crabs 🦀, their claws resemble huge hooks that they use for protection along with their long antennae.

Now we will summarize the most important points that will integrate our drawing of kawaii lobster:

      • The

    head of this crustacean is assembled at the body, so this will be the first thing we will represent with an oval shape.

  • We will give him a very chibi expression by means of two bulging eyess and one spiny mouth.
        • The details will be the essential elements of our lobster, as are its

    gigantic claws

        • , its

    peculiar tail , legs and long antennae .

    In every marine ecosystem 🐚 a lobster cannot be missing, so your collection of aquatic drawings will be incomplete without this particular crustacean. Arrange your desk and all the materials you need to immerse ourselves in this adventure! 😊

    Draw a Kawaii Lobster easy step by step

    Read carefully each one of the little steps that we share with you below 🧐, since with them we will be putting together our lobster design, little by little and with very simple strokes . If you find difficulty in any of these steps, we recommend that you repeat it again until it comes out, because it is in practice that you see the results 💪.

        • We will start with


        • of our lobster with an irregular


        • similar to that of a potato 🥔, but flattened at the bottom. We must make the

    left section

        • a little more

    pointy and then assemble the tail 🦞 and inside we will make two curves that will allow us to represent this crustacean in profile.

        • Let’s give our drawing an adorable expression 😊. Lobsters express everything through their

    big eyes

        • : two black circles

    bulging out and brilliant. Its mouth is surrounded by thorns, so we will draw it with several consecutive strokes in the shape of a “u”.

      • We went on to incorporate the

    immense tweezers

      • on each side. You’ll see that it’s like drawing boxing mitts 🥊, like big circles with points at one end.

      • How good this lobster is turning out, we there are only a few touches left to finish! 🙌. The first thing will be the

    unique little antennas

      • that we will draw with two long lines that may well be


      • or simply


      • , as you like 😋.

      • The last little details will be the


      • , which we will represent with the shape of the inverted number “3”, and a

    pair of little legs

      • that will look like little sticks thin.

          • We have finally reached the bottom of the ocean! 🥳. These crustaceans usually look

    red, however, you can try different shades to create a more striking effect 🎨.

    Congratulations cartoonist, it’s not all of you who make it this far! 🎊 👏. How did your lobster turn out? You can also tell us in the comments ⬇ what other aquatic animal you would like to add to your ocean of kawaii drawings 😍.

    If you want to know more about techniques to improve your drawing skills, we recommend you consider any of the books that we show you below, however, we have a special section on the page that may also be of great help to you 💯.

    We say goodbye for today, but with great desire to continue supporting you in your progress as a cartoonist 🥰.

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