How to draw a Kawaii Raccoon ✍

Who is usually the most mischievous and ingenious in the house? 🤓. If it’s you, then you could get along great with raccoons 🦝, creatures almost as agile and intelligent as humans 😮. And speaking of skills, imagine being able to draw this little devil in just 6 very easy steps, it will be a piece of cake for you 😎.

🤓 Information about raccoons

Raccoons are truly amazing mammals , capable of adapting to almost any condition and type of habitat 🌇🌄. Although it may seem strange, their characteristic black spots that look like a mask help them see more clearly 👀. They feed on herbs, fruits, insects and small animals, which is why they are categorized as omnivores 🍎🐿️.

Let’s take a look at the sections that will make up the design of our sly kawaii raccoon:

      • The

    little head will have the shape of a flattened oval at the bottom to to be able to represent their hairy cheeks .

    • His face will be made up of two spotted eyes, a pointed snout and two elongated ears.
          • The

      little body

          • will be slim with a

      furry neck

          • and

      front legs

          • much shorter than the rear ones.
            • We will close with the

          tail of great volume

            • and

          of stripes

            , a particular element of the raccoons.

          That’s it We are about to start this mischief! 😋. If you are one of those born mischievous, surely you will already have enough inspiration, you will only need to organize your drawing materials and find a place where you can concentrate 🙇.

          Draw a Kawaii Raccoon easy step by step

          We present to you our step-by-step methodology with which you will discover the easiest way to put together your drawing through small advances 👣. Progress is not measured by the speed of results but by the number of firm steps you take to get there! 💪

              • We will start by drawing an oval shape and more flattened at the bottom to outline the

          silhouette of the head

              • of our raccoon 🦝. Inside we will draw a large ellipse attached to the bottom edge, which will correspond to the set of the


              • .
                • We will continue to shape the face with an adorable expression 🤗. First of all, we will draw

              two large luminous eyes

                • and some ovals around them representing their

              mask of spots

                • 🎭. Next, inside the muzzle, we will make a

              small nose

                • and below an inverted “m” line for its

              mischievous smile

                • . If you want you can even add some whiskers for a quaint touch! 😆.

                    • The next step is very simple, because we will draw the

              pointy ears

                    • of this raccoon using the technique of the

              flower petals

                    • 🌻, using two of different sizes for each ear.

                      1. Now We are going to draw a small oval in the shape of an egg 🥚 to outline the abdomen of our smart raccoon, we repeat the process once more on the inside to obtain an effect similar to of the ears. Between the head and the body we draw its hairy neck with zigzag lines. Finally, the front legs taking into account that raccoons have one of the most skilled hands in nature in which their 5 fingers can be distinguished perfectly 😲.
                            • We are almost reaching the goal! 🙌. To finish the back of this cunning mammal we must draw its

                        hind legs

                            • . We draw a large curve on both sides as if we were going to draw a heart ❤️, and in the lower part we make flattened and elongated ellipses with divisions for the fingers.

                      2. The last little step will consist of drawing a leafy tail, bulging and pointed with several fringes inside 🚧.
                      3. Congratulations cartoonist! 🤩🎉. Reaching the end of this process only means one thing: Let’s color! 🎨. As you well know, raccoons are characterized by their black stripes and spots, but the rest of their fur is usually a mixture of white, gray and brown tones.

              Another finished design! 💯. We celebrate with you all the effort and dedication you have put into this preparation 🥳. We want to reward you with new drawings that you want to include in your personal collection 😍, so run and tell us in the comments ⏬ What posts would you like to see next on the page.

              We know that sometimes you must be very curious to learn different techniques to help you hone your drawing skills. In this way, we have specially selected for you some learning suggestions below ⬇ and remember that you also have our courses page 😘.

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