How to draw a Kawaii Shark ✍

We are used to seeing sharks as voracious and ferocious creatures that live in the depths of the oceans 😳, but how about we create a friendly and charming version that be harmless and protective of all brave children? 💪. In 4 easy steps we will draw the most adorable kawaii shark you’ve ever seen!

🤓 Information about sharks

Did you have any idea that the shark skeleton has no bones and is just made up of pure cartilage? 😦. What they do not lack are teeth, depending on the breed they can have up to thirty thousand teeth throughout their lives 😱.

We will list below some of the general steps that will make up this drawing:

      • Our adorable kawaii shark will have a big

fish-shaped silhouette

      • and one

dorsal fin

      • .
          • As part of his features we will draw

two big eyes

          • , a nose made up of

two nostrils and a picturesque smile showing its fangs.

      • We will incorporate some Characteristic details such as the

lateral fins

      • , the

gills and some others marine bubbles.

Get all your drawing supplies ✍📖📐 ready because we are about to portray the guardian of the oceans! 🌊.

Draw a Kawaii Shark easy step by step

You will love to add to your kawaii animal collection this little shark with captivating fangs that we will teach you to draw in a few very easy steps . You will see that the procedure will be very similar to following a recipe 🍰, only with tricks so you can achieve the different drawing techniques.

      • The first thing we will do is draw a

large fish-shaped silhouette

      • , that is, with

two rear fins

      • and

one dorsal

      • 🐟. You can draw the tail fins as if they were petals or leaves🍂, while the dorsal will have a more triangular shape.
        • We will go on to draw

      two very bulging eyes

        • with black spheres and white reflections 👀. The nose is important as sharks have a highly developed sense of smell, so we’ll make sure to represent both


        • by small circles. We only have the

      smile left with a U-shaped line from which his adorable sharp little fangs will protrude 😬.

      1. Our kawaii little shark 🦈needs something to breathe underwater and these are the gills that we will draw as successive curves near the mouth. We take the opportunity to incorporate one of its side wings with a triangular shape.
          • We give the final touch to our design with some details like the

        remaining fins

          • and

        bubbles around it

          • 💦.

          • We reached the last step in which we will give character and emotion to our drawing! 🙌😍. You can


          • this shark in your own style, as they exist in a wide variety of colors and patterns. We put a

        white shadow

          • at the bottom at the level of the mouth to make it more realistic.
        • Congratulations for all the effort you have put into your drawing! 👏. Now you can start creating your own oceanarium or marine ecosystem with this cute shark and many of the aquatic animals that you can find on our page 🤗.

          Do not stop putting into practice the skills you are learning with these drawing tutorials 🎨, that’s why we want to offer you the option of subscribe to our club so you can find out as soon as possible about all the new drawings that we will be publishing 😘.

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