How to draw a Kawaii Sheep ✍

Happy cartoonist day! 😁 What do you think if today we become little shepherds of a flock of sheep? 🐑🌾. Only the most responsible will be able to do this task in just 4 simple steps, you’ll see how exciting it can be 😋.

🤓 Information about sheep

Something very interesting about sheep is that when they are just lambs they also shed their milk teeth 🦷. Thanks to this, the shepherds can recognize the age of the sheep, for example, if the lamb lacks permanent teeth then it does not reach one year of age 😮.

Now we are going to list the parts of which our adorable kawaii sheep will be made up:

      • The first thing is his

little head that will have an oval and thin shape.

      • Its expressive features are very important to give it that touch kawaii so special, so they will include

two big eyes

      • , a

little snout

      • and

two ears

      • .
          • We will finish with its leafy back covered with wool and four skinny legs.

Bring out the best in you with this cute and simple design! 🙌. Organize all your drawing materials ✍ and explore your most creative and pastoral side with this cute little sheep.

Draw a Kawaii Sheep easy step by step

In this section we will share with you all the essential drawing tricks to create this design step by step 🧐. We want to be as didactic as possible in your learning, so all our explanations will be accompanied by illustrations so that you never feel lost, so get to work! 💪.

      • In this first step we must remember very well how is the shape of a


      • 🍓, which in this case will represent the

little head

      • of our sheep. We can make the upper part a bit leafy for the

bangs .

    • The expressive details will consist of

two captivating eyes

    • like black spheres with white ellipses 👀, a wavy “x” shape for the


    • and

two small protruding and elongated ears

    • .


    • The funniest part of this drawing is without a doubt the


    • that will wrap the entire back of this sheep 🐑, because it will suffice to imagine that we are drawing a

big cloud

    • through curvilinear strokes ☁️.

        • Now what we have left are the

little legs that will be four very simple parabolic curves next to each other of others 👍.

  1. Congratulations! 😍. We will finish our drawing with soft colors and classic like white, although keep in mind that there are also sheep darker colors 🤔.

You have earned the title of sheep shepherd for having come this far! 😱👏. We not only want you to comment what you think of this experience and this tutorial, but we also want to invite you to download and print this design for you to have fun trying with other colors 🎨.

If you want to know a little more about the different techniques of kawaii drawing we leave you below 👇 some recommendations of books that we think are excellent. In the same way, you will see that you can find many options to continue practicing on our page 😎.

See you soon! 😘

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