How to draw a Kawaii Wolf ✍

Aren’t the little wolves adorable when we see them on TV and it makes us squeeze them as if they were our puppies 🐶🤗. Well, be very careful if you run into one because the big difference between dogs and wolves is that the latter have not been tamed and they don’t allow themselves to be tamed so easily either 🐺.

Join us in this lesson to draw a kawaii wolf that you can tame to your own liking in 6 wonderfully simple steps! 😍.

🤓 Information about the wolves

As you know, wolves are nocturnal hunters with an extraordinary sense of smell that allows them to even smell their prey long before they see it 👀. They usually live in forested areas or swamps 🌲, but they are also capable of withstanding very cold climates of up to 50 degrees below zero 🥶. They distinctively live and move in herds, always having a leader known as the alpha male 🐺.

All you need know how to draw this adorable little wolf we will summarize it below:

      • Her

little head

      • will be a semicircle with

hairy cheeks , a bangs and two pointy ears.

We will incorporate into the features of the face two round eyes and shiny together with a little nose and tender smile.

Finally we will represent his great fur , front legs , rear and a leafy tail.

We are about to begin! 🙌. But first, order your drawing pencils and markers ✏️🖊️, keep your

clean workspace and always find a source of inspiration to create a magnificent design 🤩.

Draw a Kawaii Wolf easy step by step

Even if you are an apprentice, Beginner child or adult will find in this section a very practical orientation to acquire the skills that this drawing will require 💪. We will do the procedure step by step and starting from known lines that will make the journey much easier. Let’s do it! ✍

      • We will start with the

silhouette of the head

      • for which we must draw a large semicircle and close on both sides with a zigzag for the

hairy cheeks

      • united by a long arc 🙂. We continue with some details inside such as a

small lock of hair on the upper part and the contour of the eyes which we will draw with two oval arcs and finish with another zigzag stroke 〽️.

  • dibujar-cabeza-lobo-kawaii
      • Let’s give this little wolf a very chibi expression! 😊. Within the contours that we made previously we will position the

    two bright eyes of our alpha male 👁️, below we draw a round nose and a cute smile in the shape of a letter “w”.

  • dibujar-lobo-kawaii--facil
  • We continue with a step that will be very simple for you, since we will represent their tender little ears with pointed triangular strokes 🔺. We will repeat this process twice on each ear with smaller triangles to give it a relief effect.
  • lobo-kawaii-chibi
      • We now come to the section of the body remembering that these proportions must always be smaller than the head 🧐. The first thing we will do is a kind of

    little flame of fire backwards

      • 🔥 to represent part of the

    great fur

      • of our wolf Next we draw the

    front legs

      • with rectilinear lines and with some small ovals we outline the


      • .


  • In the next step we will include the hind legs with two large arches and this time the hooves will be a little wider and flatter unlike the previous ones.
  • lobo-kawaii-chibi

  • Now we only have to draw a leafy tail , similar to that of a fox 🦊 arched and with a pattern of zigzag at the tip.
  • dibujo-lobo-kawaii-bebe
      • You did an amazing job getting to the last step! ! 🥳️ 👏. We invite you to be as creative as possible when you


      • , keep in mind that there are not only wolves with

    grey and white fur

      • but red, brown and even black 😯.

Congratulations cartoonist, for another successful design! 💯. We have a wide variety of jungle animals that you could browse to continue collecting drawings on this theme 😀, however, below we leave you some suggestions of other animals that could also inspire you 🙇.

Do not forget to comment us if you have any questions or concerns because we would like to help you grow and evolve in your kawaii drawing techniques, that’s why we also leave you these

recommendations of books that you could get a lot of use out of to continue learning 🤓.

We say goodbye proud to be a support for you! 😘 Keep learning how to draw Kawaii with:

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