How to draw a Lion ✍

In this drawing lesson we will learn how to draw a Lion in 8 easy steps. Step by step, on the paths that we are making, we will create the image of the lion until it is complete.

Before starting the tutorial, you may be interested in knowing the following information about the popularly known as king of the jungle.

The lion is one of the largest members of the cat family.

    • He is also nicknamed the king of beasts.
    • The male lion has a very characteristic thick fur on the head called mane.

There are African lions and Asiatic lions, which differ slightly in appearance.

The female lion is responsible for hunting and feeding a pride of lions while the male lion guards his territory against possible threats.

Now we can take pencil and paper to start with the step-by-step tutorial of our lion.

How to draw a lion step by step

The design we have chosen is that of a lion made but with simple lines, so it is an easy drawing for children and beginners. We start:

Draw the face and nose of the lion.

Add the snout and the top of the mane.

Draw the mouth and the middle part of the lion’s mane.


          1. Draw the back of the lion and the lower part of the mane.


Add the two paws on our lion side.


Draw the tail, belly and part of the mane of the lion’s sideburns .


          1. Add the two legs on the other side of the lion, thus having its four legs drawn.


Draw the lion’s eyes, its ear and the end of its tail, with its characteristic flame shape.


Congratulations! You have finished your drawing of a lion. You can continue learning to draw more animals and share your experience with the community, you may have some advice that can help other cartoonists 🙂

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