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How to draw a Pansy Flower ✍

Happy cartoonist day! We hope you have started the week with a lot of encouragement, otherwise, we bring you a design that will instantly inspire you just with its magnificent colors 🤩. It is about the pansy flower , a particular species of purple flower that only blooms in the autumn-winter season 🍁🥶 and that today you will have the luxury of learning to draw in just 5 steps.

🤓 Interesting information about the pansy flower

Also known as the winter flower, this spectacular species has a wide range of applications in the cosmetic area 💅, perfumery 🧴 and even medicinal 💊, since its components give it a purifying effect.

Here we leave you the most general steps to take into account to draw one of these flowers:

        • We will work with oval geometric shapes for the

petals of the flower

        • .
            • We will use very simple strokes to draw the


            • and the


    • We will conclude with purple tones to give it life and color.

Find your best crayons and drawing pencils! ✏️🖍️. You will see that with very simple steps you will get great results 💪.

Draw a Pansy Flower easy step by step

Read very well each of these instructions that we share with all the tricks necessary to draw your flower of thought 🌸. Also guide yourself with the drawings of each step so you can better understand the techniques. Don’t despair if you don’t achieve everything at first, try several times and you’ll see that you’ll reach the goal 🚩.

Firstly, we will draw as a kind of inverted heart ♠️ and at its tip a small circle to represent the center of our flower of thought.

    • Next, we will make two large ovals on each side of the heart, forming as if it were a loop 🎀. The shape is quite confusing, as this is not a flower with such common petals, but you’ll see that it will take shape 😉.

    • flor pensamiento flor dibujo
        • We will continue with the

      last petals

        • that we will draw as two large fans that will cover the entire upper part of the flower 🌺, as shown in the figure.

      flor pensamiento dibujo a lapiz

        • Congratulations, we’ve reached the easiest steps! 🙌. The first one is the


        • , which will consist of a thin vertical line with a certain curvature.
      • flor pensamiento dibujo a lapiz
      • For the end we have left the leaves of our flower of thought 🌱. We place a single one in the lower part of the stem and draw it with several consecutive curves to give it relief.
      • flor pensamiento dibujo paso a paso
          • We have finished our drawing! 😱😍. And to make it beautiful we will choose

        two shades of violet

          • for the petals 🟣. We will make a shadow with a darker shade of violet following the same silhouette of the petals and we will paint the remaining space with a lighter shade. We color the center yellow to make it stand out and the stem and leaf dark green.

        flor pensamiento dibujo a lapiz

        Congratulations for getting here! 🥳️. Only the most dedicated manage to finish their drawing and give it a special touch. Which has been yours? Tell us what you did differently in the comments below! 🔽.

        Remember that all our designs can be download and print so you can try flowers of different styles and colors 🎨. We say goodbye with great desire to continue teaching you so that you become a true master cartoonist ! 😊.

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