How to draw a Rose ✍

Happy cartoonist day, we hope you had a great week! 😃 🙌. We are very happy to share with you a new collection of drawings dedicated to flowers 😱 💐. We love that you continue learning and nurturing your skills, so today we present to you in only 5 little steps the favorite of many: the roses 😍🌹.

🤓 Interesting information about roses

Roses are not only the true protagonists of Valentine’s Day gifts ❤️; In case you didn’t already know, rose petals are edible products and are also a great source of vitamin C 💪.

Now we show you a summary of the steps you will need to draw a beautiful rose with a lot of style:

      • We will begin with curved geometric figures for the

body of our flower.

      • We will go to the

stem with a very simple vertical stroke.

      • We will culminate with the shape of the


      • to later give


      • to this drawing.
    • Get to work, an adventure with the smell of roses awaits us! 😋. Get your sketchbook 📒 ready, eraser and pencils ✏️, because you will see that in addition to being fun, this rose design will be very easy to achieve if you stay focused 🧐.

      Draw a Rose easy step by step

      It’s time to start and we want to remind you that all these steps that we provide below are suitable for both children and adults to master the drawing techniques . The key is to pay close attention and practice several times, especially those little steps that cost you the most 🤓.

      First of all, we are going to trace four curves for the base of the body of our rose 🌹. We will make the shape of two pointed leaves and draw one on the other 🍂. Next, from the tips we will make a horizontal curvilinear line on each side.

        • We keep adding


        • to our rose and now we go with the


        • . We draw two irregular curves inside the previous drawing, and we will have the center or heart of our rose.

        • To finish, we make a

      third floor of petals

        • with curvilinear strokes, as shown in the drawing 👀.

        • We already have the whole body of our rose! 🥳️. We now move on to the


        • , for which we draw a kind of

      small three-pointed crown

        • 👑 on the base of the petals. We continue the line with some vertical curves for the final part of the stem.

        • Finally, we draw a


        • on the side you prefer, in fact it could be two or as many as you want 🌱. For a single leaf we draw

      two zigzag curves and join them to the same point.

      Congratulations, you have reached the last step! 🎉 Well, what you have left is to get your artist skills to color 🎨. We opted for a bright red 🔴 for the petals and tree green for the entire stem 🟢.

      • You have grown a magnificent rose! 😯 👏. Now you can decorate your desktop with this elegant design 🌹 and we also encourage you to download this drawing so you can try different versions of colors and shapes 🙌.

        Don’t forget to tell us below 👇 what did you think of the whole process and what difficulties did you encounter. We’re so excited to hear how much you’ve learned and evolved, so we’ll stay tuned! 😘

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